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Veneto: 7 provinces to explore by motorhome and caravan!

Dear motorhomes and travelers, are you ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Veneto?
Agricamper offers you the opportunity to discover this beautiful region in a unique way. Purchase membership to enjoy unlimited free 24-hour stops at wineries, farms, farms and agritourisms for an experience in harmony with nature.

Get ready to discover lots of exciting activities to do in Veneto. But first, pop into our Demo version of the app to get a preview of where the stops are and choose which area you’d like to stop and rest in during your trip!

Belluno – Between Mountains and Traditions

Are you ready? Your adventure begins in Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites!

Start your RV experience with one of the most exciting hikes in Rocca Pietore . Follow the enchanting trails and be enchanted by the magnificence of majestic Mount Pelmo and the beauty of the Cordevole Valley. Here nature welcomes you with open arms, providing moments of pure pleasure and tranquility.

To immerse yourself in local history, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Vittorino Cazzetta Museum . This museum is dedicated to the Great War and the culture of the area, offering you a journey through time through evidence, artifacts and stories of a compelling past. You will discover unique aspects of the region that will leave you breathless.

And what could be better than tasting the authentic flavors of the place? You are invited to try a true culinary treasure,“Formai de Mut.” This alpine cheese is carefully aged in the hollows of the mountains, resulting in a unique and satisfying taste. Accompany it with a slice of rye bread, and you will have a chance to experience an authentic local delicacy that will captivate your palate.

Padua – Art, Culture and Relaxation

Continue on to Padua, a city steeped in history, art and culinary delights, ready to welcome you on your RV trip with unforgettable experiences. You cannot miss the magnificent Basilica of St. Anthony , an extraordinary icon of art and spirituality in the heart of the city. Admire the architectural details and immerse yourself in its evocative atmosphere, letting its majesty captivate you.

For a moment of pure relaxation, indulge in a rejuvenating walk among the ancient trees and ponds of the Arena Gardens . This charming park offers you an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere. A perfect opportunity to recharge the energy of body and spirit during your trip.

And for lovers of parks and natural wonders, the Euganean Hills Regional Park will be an emotionally rich stop. This wonderful protected area will surprise you with its extinct volcanoes, scenic trails and picturesque villages surrounded by nature. Enjoy an unforgettable hike, breathing in fresh air and admiring breathtaking views that will give you a sense of peace and serenity.

Rovigo – Between Lands and Waters

Now that you are rested, you are ready to direct your RV to discover enchanting places and authentic flavors in Rovigo!

Explore the natural beauty of the Po Delta Regional Park , a true paradise for nature lovers. Here you can enjoy unique landscapes, lagoons, canals and a rich variety of flora and fauna. An unforgettable excursion will allow you to immerse yourself in this picturesque nature reserve while enjoying the peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

For an authentic experience, immerse yourself in the culture of fishing and the Po Delta area. We suggest you take part in a traditional boat trip, such as the“bragozzo,” to learn about the crafts and traditions of local fishermen. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to explore the sea and its treasures, as well as learn more about the life and history of Rovigo’s fishermen.

And what could be better than enjoying a typical local dish? Try the“Risotto with Eels,” a specialty that will delight you with the combination of flavors of rice and fresh sea eels.
Equally delicious is“Polenta and Schie,” a traditional polenta dish accompanied by succulent crayfish, a perfect combination to delight your palate.

Treviso – Hidden Treasures and Dolce Vita

After eating your fill, you can continue your Veneto vacation by heading to Treviso. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk on the fascinating medieval walls of Treviso. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and admire its hidden treasures. The Walls of Treviso will give you a unique experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of this fascinating city.

For lovers of art and culture, we suggest a visit to the Bailo Museum . This extraordinary museum is housed in an elegant 16th-century mansion and will take you on a journey through the centuries of art. You will discover priceless works and evidence of local art, giving you a unique perspective on the history of the city and its artistic evolution.

And what could be better than ending your visit to Treviso with a real culinary treat? Try the famous“Tiramisu,” a dessert that originated in this city. Local bakeries will delight you with their version of this irresistible dessert, lovingly prepared according to ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation.
And for savory lovers, they will not miss the opportunity to try the real“Risotto al Radicchio di Treviso IGP.” This tasty dish is a culinary excellence of the area and is a real treat for the palate. Be tempted by this unique specialty and discover the authentic flavors of Paduan cuisine.

Venice – Magic and Unique Atmosphere

The next stop is surely the most anticipated: Venice, the city of canals and dreams, ready to enchant you on your RV trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to take an unforgettable walk on the island of Burano. Admire the vibrant colors of its hand-painted houses, which create a picturesque and charming picture. Get lost in the winding streets and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this magical place, where the beauty of the craft traditions and the hospitality of the locals will win your heart.

An unmissable experience in Venice is a visit to the majestic Doge’s Palace . This masterpiece of Venetian architecture will leave you speechless with its magnificence and history. Explore the elegant rooms decorated with timeless artwork and immerse yourself in the glorious past of this city that was once a powerful political and administrative seat. The Doge’s Palace is a symbol of power and prestige that will give you a unique perspective on the past greatness of Venice.

Before you leave the most beautiful Lagoon in the world, try the delicious“Sarde in Saor,” a typical dish made with sardines, caramelized onions, and pine nuts, ingredients capable of creating a combination of sweet and salty flavors that come together in unique harmony. Enjoy this delicacy in one of Venice’s typical restaurants and be won over by the sophistication and authenticity of Venetian cuisine.

Verona – Passion and Antiquity

You will struggle to get the beauty of Venice out of your mind, but the next stop on the vacation was made famous by Shakespeare throughout the World: Verona, the city of love and art.
Located in the heart of the city, stands the mansion associated with the legend of Romeo and Juliet, one of the world’s most famous love stories. The house, with its ornate stone balcony, is a place full of charm and romantic encounters. Visitors can leave a love note attached to the walls or balcony in a gesture that symbolizes the eternity of love.

Great emotions also await you during a visit to the iconic Arena of Verona . This magnificent Roman amphitheater will amaze you with its grandeur and thousand-year history. Even today, works of art are still performed here, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and evocative experience.

The last attraction we suggest you explore in Verona is the Giusti Garden . This enchanting Renaissance garden welcomes you with green labyrinths, scenic terraces and fountains. Get lost among the lovingly tended vegetation and discover hidden nooks and crannies where you can admire breathtaking views of the city. This garden is a true gem and will offer you an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Verona.

To end your visit, delight in the refined“Risotto all’Amarone,” a dish that will amaze you with its explosion of flavors and aromas. Prepared with care and passion, this risotto is a riot of flavors, thanks to the use of fine Amarone, a local wine of great recognition. Taste this delicacy in one of Verona’s typical restaurants and be won over by its sophistication.

Vicenza – Elegance and History

The last stop on your trip is Vicenza, a city rich in art and culture. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the majestic Villa La Rotonda , a masterpiece of Palladian architecture. This villa is a symbol of elegance and refinement, designed by Andrea Palladio in the 16th century. With its harmonious shapes and four identical facades, Villa La Rotonda will leave you breathless and provide a unique and fascinating sight.

For lovers of modern art, we suggest you discover the Gallery of Modern Art in Palazzo Chiericati . Here you can admire works by contemporary artists, immersing yourself in the world of modern and contemporary art. The Gallery will offer you a unique perspective on the creativity and artistic expression of our time, giving you an unforgettable cultural experience.

Before leaving to return home, enjoy one last Veneto delicacy:“Baccalà alla Vicentina,” a stockfish dish prepared with care and passion. This specialty will win you over with its goodness and authentic flavor.


The vacation and counseling are over. Just remember not to overindulge in Spritz, Prosecco and cicchetti during your stops.
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