Who we are?

Agricamper Italia was born from the vision to create a unique travel experience that combines a love for nature with a passion for traveling with motorhomes, campervans, or caravans, and supporting local communities. We are a platform that connects travelers who love adventure and sustainable tourism with Italian farmers to offer unique camping spots for motorhomes, campervans, or caravans.

Our mission

Our mission is twofold: to offer travelers the opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of Italy in a completely new and sustainable way, and at the same time to support small local agricultural communities by enabling them to showcase and enhance their products and their land. We strongly believe that tourism can be a respectful driver of economic development for both the environment and local traditions.

The history of Agricamper Italia

The concept of Agricamper Italia is inspired by France Passion, a successful model that originated over thirty years ago in France. Brought to Italy and digitized by our founder and CEO, Pauline Nava, a professional with extensive experience in communication, Agricamper Italia has reinvented the original idea to adapt it to the rich and diverse Italian reality. This includes creating unique spots for motorhomes, campervans, or caravans.

Federazione Europea della Formule Invitation (FEFI)

We are proud to be part of the Federazione Europea della Formule Invitation (FEFI), a recognition that underscores our commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. Membership in FEFI allows us to be part of a larger network of rural hospitality in Europe, strengthening our commitment to tourism that respects and enriches local realities.

Our Team

We are a team of travel and nature enthusiasts, professionals in tourism and digital communication. Each team member contributes uniquely, but we all share the same passion for discovery and respect for the environment. We work together to ensure that your experience with Agricamper Italia, whether camping with your motorhome, campervan, or caravan, is unforgettable.

Why choose Agricamper Italia?

Choosing Agricamper Italia means embracing a responsible and intimate way of traveling. We offer you the chance to wake up in enchanting places, explore breathtaking landscapes, taste authentic products, and have meaningful encounters, all while camping with your motorhome, campervan, or caravan. Support local communities while enjoying the freedom and beauty that only a road trip can offer.

Join us on this Adventure

Are you travelers seeking new experiences or farmers interested in becoming part of our network? Agricamper Italia is your starting point for an unforgettable journey in the heart of rural Italy. Explore, stay, discover – all with respect for the environment and the traditions that make Italy a unique country in the world.

Welcome to the Family of Agricamper Italia!