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Umbria on the road: adventures and flavours in motorhomes and caravans

If you’re eager to explore Umbria, the green heart of Italy, from the comfort of your trusty motorhome or caravan, you’re in the right place! Join us today on a virtual tour through breathtaking landscapes, medieval villages, and culinary delights of this enchanting region. With Agricamper, your journey becomes even more special thanks to our free farm stops. Ready to set off? Don’t forget to download our app and explore the Demo version to discover all features and check our free stops in Umbria on the map.

Strolling Through History: Perugia and Its Jewels

Discover the Umbrian capital, rich in art and architecture

Perugia, the vibrant heart of Umbria, is a charming mix of art, architecture, and history. Start your exploration at Piazza IV Novembre, home to the Fontana Maggiore, a Gothic masterpiece carved by the Pisano brothers that depicts biblical scenes and the months of the year. Nearby, the San Lorenzo Cathedral showcases rich art dominated by Barocci’s Deposition.

Don’t miss visiting the Rocca Paolina, a 16th-century fortress turned into a fascinating underground path showing the medieval foundations of the city. Continue your tour at the National Gallery of Umbria, inside the Palazzo dei Priori, which displays a collection spanning archaeology and Renaissance art.

Nature and Spirituality: The Franciscan Itinerary

A rejuvenating journey following the footsteps of Saint Francis

Assisi, the birthplace of Saint Francis, offers a perfect balance between natural beauty and spiritual richness. The town is dominated by the Basilica of Saint Francis, a UNESCO site with medieval frescoes depicting the saint’s life. Nearby, the Basilica of Saint Clare houses the crucifix said to have spoken to Saint Francis.

The Monte Subasio, overlooking Assisi, is a haven of peace with trails offering breathtaking views over the Umbrian valley and moments of reflection in nature. This Franciscan itinerary is an experience rich in spirituality and contemplation, ideal for those seeking inspiration and tranquility on their motorhome journey through Umbria.

Umbria at the Table: Flavors and Traditions

Delight in typical dishes amidst nature

Umbria is a paradise for lovers of traditional cuisine. Each dish tells the story of the land and local traditions. Don’t miss trying Norcia ham, known for its unique flavor obtained from curing in the pure air of the Sibillini Mountains. Equally emblematic is the Castelluccio lentil, famous for its delicacy and ideal in both soups and fresh salads.

Be sure to try torta al testo, a flatbread cooked on a terracotta disc, excellent with local meats and cheeses. For a sweet finish, indulge in rocciata di Assisi, a dessert filled with dried fruit, apples, and spices, showcasing the richness of Umbrian pastry.

Lake Trasimeno: A Naturalistic Paradise

Explore the islands and relax on its shores

Lake Trasimeno, in the heart of Umbria, is an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor activities. It offers tranquility and spaces to relax or explore: you can sail to the lake’s islands, like Maggiore with its medieval village and Polvese, a protected area rich in trails and historical ruins.

The lake’s shores are perfect for sunbathing, picnicking, or engaging in water sports. A cycling path allows for enjoying breathtaking views and discovering serene spots, ideal for a restorative break. With a rich history that includes Etruscan ruins and medieval towers, Lake Trasimeno is a perfect mix of nature, culture, and relaxation, made even more accessible thanks to Agricamper’s free stops.

Gubbio and Orvieto: Umbria’s Hidden Gems

Discover the history and architecture of these enchanting cities

Gubbio, located at the foot of Monte Ingino, is famous for its well-preserved medieval aspect, transporting visitors back in time. One of the main attractions is the Palazzo dei Consoli, an imposing Gothic building that dominates the city and houses the Civic Museum, rich in art and historical artifacts. Don’t miss the impressive Ceri Race, an annual festival held in May that enlivens the streets with a historic competition dating back to the Middle Ages. Gubbio is also the ideal place to savor traditional Umbrian cuisine, including truffles, one of the local specialties.

Orvieto, on the other hand, is a jewel set on a high tufa cliff, offering spectacular views over the surrounding Umbrian countryside. The Duomo of Orvieto, with its breathtaking mosaic-gold facade and bas-reliefs, is one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture in Italy. The city streets hide tufa-carved cellars, some dating back to before Roman times, where you can taste local wines in a unique atmosphere. Additionally, Orvieto is known for its production of artistic ceramics, a tradition you can discover in numerous shops and artisan workshops.


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