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Trieste in a motorhome and caravan: between adventure, flavours and history

Hello, travelers! If you’ve chosen to explore Italy aboard your motrohome, caravan, or campervan, you can’t miss the wonderful city of Trieste. With Agricamper, you can experience something truly unique, enjoying a free 24-hour stopover at welcoming agricultural farms near this Adriatic gem. Download our app now and start exploring the free Demo version to discover all the features and stops available in Trieste and its surroundings. And now, get ready to immerse yourself in a city where history intertwines with nature and good food!

Welcome to Trieste, a charming city that embodies the very essence of Italy: culture, history, and nature blend together in a wonderful harmony. Prepare to be captivated by breathtaking views and unique experiences that this city has to offer.

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Travel to Friuli-Venezia Giulia: 4 cities to explore by motorhome and caravan

Dear RV and caravan travelers, are you looking for an adventurous and relaxing weekend in Italy? Come and explore the beauty of Friuli-Venezia Giulia! This region in northeastern Italy is a true paradise for those who love to travel in contact with nature and discover unique places. And with Agricamper, you have the opportunity to experience travel on four wheels like never before! We offer unlimited and free 24-hour stops at farms scattered throughout Italy. Are you ready to go? Let’s discover together the 5 must-do experiences in this fascinating corner of Italy!

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