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Puglia by motorhome and caravan: 8 adventures not to be missed!

Welcome to Puglia: the realm of RV and caravan travel!

Hello adventurous motorhomes! If you are planning a vacation in Apulia with your vehicle, you are in the right place! Puglia is a paradise for RV and caravan travelers, offering a perfect mix of history, breathtaking scenery and delicious cuisine. With Agricamper, you have the opportunity to explore this magnificent region with free stops at farms in its provinces. Ready to go for an unforgettable stay? Get ready, we will guide you through eight incredible must-do experiences in Puglia! But first, to get a preview of the features and discover all the stops available in this region, we invite you to try the Demo version of the Agricamper app.

Bari: between urban traditions and the magic of trulli

From the beating heart of Apulia to one of its most celebrated Cultural Heritage Sites

Ready to discover the capital city of Puglia? Head to the old town of Bari to immerse yourself in its thousand-year history. For foodies, don’t miss the famous focaccia, a real treat! Afterwards, pick up your RV and head to Alberobello to soak in the unique atmosphere of the trulli, traditional dwellings with cone-shaped roofs that have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit the Monti Ward and the Aia Piccola Ward, admiring these fascinating structures.

Barletta-Andria-Trani: hidden treasures and pristine beaches

Visit Trani Castle, taste the oysters of Barletta, and be amazed by Castel del Monte

This province is a concentration of cultural and natural treasures! Admire Trani Castle overlooking the sea and enjoy the pristine beaches. In Barletta, enjoy the famous oysters by the sea. And don’t forget to visit the iconic Castel del Monte, a UNESCO site of mysterious charm. Be enchanted by the wonders of this area, perfect for an overnight RV stop under the stars.

Brindisi: a dip in the Ionian Sea and Salento culture

Explore the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve and visit the fortified masserias

Brindisi will welcome you with its crystal clear waters! Make a stop at the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve for a day at the beach and then explore the ancient fortified farms, evidence of the area’s agricultural history. Find a stop at one of our nearby facilities and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

Lecce: baroque art and unique flavors

Admire the Baroque architecture and enjoy the pasticciotti

Lecce, the “Florence of the South,” will fascinate you with its Baroque architecture. Admire the Cathedral and stroll through the streets of the historic center. Don’t forget to taste the pasticciotti, typical sweets of the city. Then visit the area’s ancient and atmospheric underground oil mills to learn about the oil production process. A stop in the surroundings will give you the magic of a night in the midst of ancient olive trees!

Foggia: wilderness and peasant traditions

Explore the Gargano National Park and taste smoked ricotta cheese

Foggia will amaze you with its wilderness! Visit the Gargano National Park and be enchanted by its trails or take a ferry to the Tremiti Islands, dive into their crystal clear waters and visit the sea caves. Don’t miss the smoked ricotta, a real treat! Choose a stop immersed in the countryside and breathe in the pure air of nature.

Taranto: ancient history and crystal clear sea

Visit the old town and relax on the beaches of Taranto

Taranto offers you a plunge into history! Stroll through the alleys and palaces of the old city to immerse yourself in its thousand-year history, visit the National Archaeological Museum, and then enjoy its beaches for a moment of relaxation. Opt for a stop near the sea and enjoy the breathtaking view at sunset.


Here is all that wonderful Puglia has to offer! Before you leave be sure to purchase memberships and download our App to find the best free 24-hour stops at farms in this land. Get ready to experience an unforgettable weekend in an RV, exploring the beauty of Puglia without worries!

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Remember: your adventure in Apulia is waiting for you!

With this article, we have guided you through the wonders of Puglia for an unforgettable RV trip. Download the Agricamper app and get ready for an adventure-filled vacation!