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What types of vehicles are accepted?

The hosts within the Agricamper network are primarily agricultural farms and other establishments that are not classified as campsites or farm camping. Consequently, the constant availability of toilets, waste disposal, or showers operating 24 hours a day is not guaranteed.

Therefore, only self-sufficient vehicles are accepted within the Agricamper network, such as motorhomes, campervans, or caravan trailers that are fully equipped with internal toilets, wastewater tanks, and internal kitchens. Portable toilets, such as chemical toilets (Porta Potti) or composting toilets (Trelino), are also permitted.

It’s important to note that the dump of grey and black water, in compliance with regulations, should be done exclusively at designated Camper Service facilities. Please show respect for the hosts and the surrounding environment by avoiding any form of littering or damage.

Which specific categories of vehicles are accepted?

  • motorhomes: hosts may accommodate motorhomes of various sizes, depending on available space, including larger ones (+3.5 T / +7.5 m);
  • campervans: self-contained vehicles equipped with internal toilets and wastewater hosts, including portable toilets;
  • self-sufficient caravans: most hosts accept self-sufficient caravans that are energy independent and equipped with freshwater and greywater tanks;
  • roof tents: staying with a roof tent is allowed only if a portable toilet is available. Approval from the host is necessary before using an outdoor kitchen.

Which vehicles are not allowed?

Access to the network is restricted for camping tents and overnight stays in cars or trucks within Agricamper hosts.

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