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How to gift an Agricamper membership?

What is the Agricamper Gift Card?

The Agricamper Gift Card is the perfect present for those passionate about traveling in motorhome, campervan, or caravan. It offers a unique travel experience across Italy, allowing stops in enchanting places like olive groves in Tuscany or vineyards by Lake Garda.

How does it work?

The recipient will receive an email on your chosen date containing a personalized message and a unique code, which will enable them to activate a year of adventures with Agricamper. This includes unlimited and free 24-hour stops at selected farms throughout Italy. The gift card must be activated within a year from the date of purchase.

How to Activate the Agricamper Gift Card?

The recipient simply needs to click on the green “Buy Now” button in the received email. The gift card code will be automatically applied to the cart. Then, it’s necessary to add the annual membership to the cart and fill in the details. The total cart amount will be 0€. By confirming the order, the membership activation will proceed.

A Versatile Gift for Every Occasion

It’s an ideal gift for all who cherish motorhome, campervan, or caravan travels. It suits a wide range of occasions, making it a versatile and always appreciated present. Here are some ideas:

  • Birthdays: Surprise a friend or family member who loves four-wheel adventures with a gift that promises exploration and freedom.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate an anniversary with a gift symbolizing travel and discovery, perfect for couples who enjoy exploring together.
  • Christmas and Holidays: Make the festive season even more special by offering the chance to create unforgettable memories through journeys to picturesque locations.
  • Father’s/Mother’s Day: For adventure-loving parents, the Agricamper Gift Card is a way to show affection, allowing them to have unique experiences.
  • Graduations or Retirements: Celebrate a significant milestone like graduation or retirement with the gift of discovery and adventure.
  • To Say “Thank You”: An original and meaningful way to express gratitude, offering not just a gift, but a memorable experience.
  • Weddings: For the newlywed couple who loves traveling, the Agricamper Gift Card can be a unique wedding gift promising shared adventures.
  • Spontaneous Occasions: No special occasion is needed to gift the Agricamper Gift Card. It’s perfect even as a “just because” surprise, for any time of the year.

The Deeper Meaning of the Agricamper Gift Card?

It’s more than a material gift; it’s the chance to create memories, share experiences, and enjoy life outdoors. It’s an invitation to authentically and sustainably explore Italy. Perfect for adventure and nature lovers, it allows the discovery of Italian wonders with total freedom. Every journey becomes a memorable and meaningful experience, enriching life with new discoveries and breathtaking landscapes.

How Can I Purchase the Agricamper Gift Card?

It can be easily purchased on our website. Visit this page to make your purchase.

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