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Can I share Agricamper addresses?

Agricamper safeguards the privacy and security of all travelers and hosts. To preserve the tranquility and confidentiality of our users, it is prohibited to share the names of the hosts and their details. We ask to respect some important rules:

  • respect privacy: do not disclose hosts details, such as names and personal data, on any online platform or social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.);
  • do not spread sensitive data: do not distribute sensitive information in listings or other means of communication;
  • reproduction prohibited: any form of copying or reproduction of the application and its data, even partial, is strictly prohibited without explicit authorization from Agricamper.

If a host temporarily interrupts hospitality or chooses to exit the network, sharing its data could disrupt its privacy with continuous inquiries from campers or, worse, from third parties unaware of its temporary or permanent absence from the Agricamper network.

Adhering to these rules is crucial to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation!

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