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Discover the wonders of Abruzzo in a motorhome and caravan: a dream trip through nature, culture

Hello travelers! Have you ever thought about exploring Abruzzo aboard your motorhome or caravan? This region, in the heart of Italy, offers breathtaking views, charming villages, natural parks to discover, and a cuisine that will make your mouth water. And the best part? With Agricamper, you can enjoy free stops and immerse yourself completely in the local nature and culture without worries. Download the App and through the free demo version, prepare to discover a territory full of surprises, where every curve in the road opens up new horizons of beauty and adventure.

Nature and Adventure: The National Parks and Natural Reserves

Abruzzo is known as “the greenest region in Europe,” thanks to its three national parks, a marine reserve, and over 30 natural reserves. Start your journey in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise, a paradise for nature lovers. Here you can admire the Abruzzo chamois, the Marsican brown bear, and the Apennine wolf. Don’t miss hikes along trails like the Valle di Canneto Path or the Wolf Path, where nature displays all its splendor.

Moving on to the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, you are faced with lunar landscapes and towering peaks like Corno Grande, the highest point in the Apennines. The Centenary Trail is a must for those seeking unforgettable views.

And do not forget the Sirente Velino Regional Natural Reserve, with trails winding between rock formations and blooming meadows, ideal for a nature stop and to photograph picture-perfect landscapes.

Villages and Tradition: A Journey Through History

Abruzzo is a land of ancient villages and medieval castles. An example? Scanno, with its narrow streets and stone houses, seems to have stepped out of a fairy tale. Visit the Church of Santa Maria della Valle and lose yourself in local craft workshops.

Continue towards Santo Stefano di Sessanio, a restored village that retains the charm of the past. Here, time seems to have stopped, and you can explore the village on foot, discovering small shops and picturesque views.

Another gem not to be missed is Roccascalegna, a village that dominates the Sangro River valley from a rocky spur. The castle of Roccascalegna, with its tower and walls blending with the rock on which they are built, is one of the most evocative in Abruzzo. Legend has it that the castle is haunted by the spirit of Baron Corvo de Corvis, a cruel and tyrannical lord. Walking through the streets of the village, you can feel the breath of history and legend while admiring views that stretch from the mountains to the sea.

Civitella del Tronto, with its Bourbon fortress, offers a breathtaking view over the Vibrata Valley and the sea. Perfect for a cultural stop and to immerse yourself in Italian history.

Culture and Art: Museums and Monuments Not to Miss

Abruzzo is not only nature and villages but also a place rich in culture. In L’Aquila, the National Museum of Abruzzo houses works of art and archaeological finds that tell millennia of history. The Basilica of San Bernardino is a gem of Renaissance architecture to explore.

In Chieti, the National Archaeological Museum is a dive into history with its collection of Italic and Roman artifacts. The Cathedral of San Giustino is worth a visit for its frescoes and sculptures.

Another city worth visiting is Pescara, modern and lively, combining the charm of the riviera with a rich cultural heritage. The Museum of the People of Abruzzo offers a fascinating immersion in traditional Abruzzo life, with exhibits ranging from archaeology to folk costumes. The House of Gabriele D’Annunzio, where the famous poet was born, is now a museum preserving memorabilia, books, and documents that tell his life and his connection with Pescara and Abruzzo.

Teramo, with its roots sinking into Roman times, is another cultural pearl. The Cathedral of San Berardo and the Roman ruins, such as the Amphitheater and the Roman Theater, offer a unique cross-section of the region’s ancient and medieval history.

The Coast of the Trabocchi: A Blue Paradise between History and Nature

You can’t talk about Abruzzo without dedicating a special chapter to its wonderful coasts. The Coast of the Trabocchi is a stretch of coastline that extends from Ortona to Vasto, characterized by ancient wooden fishing machines called “trabocchi,” which stand like sentinels over the sea. These structures, part of the historical and cultural heritage of Abruzzo, offer a fascinating spectacle, especially at sunset, when the sky is tinged with warm colors, and the sea shines under the sun’s rays.

Traveling along the coast, you will find golden beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a day of relaxation or activities like snorkeling and windsurfing. The beach at Punta Aderci, near Vasto, is a jewel of biodiversity and natural beauty, set within a reserve that ensures the conservation of the marine environment and sandy dunes.

Ortona is not only famous for the trabocchi but also for its Aragonese Castle, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the Adriatic Sea.

In San Vito Chietino, the beach of the trabocchi is an enchanted place, where time seems to slow down. Here, you can walk among the renovated trabocchi, transformed into restaurants and observation points, for a romantic dinner or an evening aperitif with a view of the sea.

Finally, a visit to Vasto will give you unforgettable glimpses and the opportunity to explore the Palazzo d’Avalos and its Neapolitan garden, along with long walks on the Punta Penna beach, where the sea merges with nature in a pure embrace of beauty. Be tempted by the small restaurants where you can taste dishes based on fresh fish, like the “Brodetto alla Vastese,” a rich soup made with different types of fish, tomatoes, and peppers, encapsulating all the flavors of the Abruzzo sea.

Taste and Tradition: The Authentic Flavors of Abruzzo

Traveling in Abruzzo also means discovering a rich and varied cuisine. You cannot leave the region without trying “Arrosticini,” skewers of sheep meat, or “Scrippelle ‘mbusse,” a savory crepe in broth. For lunch, take a break to enjoy “Maccheroni alla chitarra,” served with meat sauce or tomato and basil.

The “Pecorino d’Abruzzo” and “Formaggio di Farindola,” a unique pecorino made using pig rennet, are perfect for a tasting in your motorhome during one of your nature stops.


Traveling in Abruzzo by motorhome or caravan is an experience that combines adventure, culture, relaxation, and gastronomy in a unique mix. With Agricamper, the journey becomes even more special, thanks to the free stops that allow you to explore at your own pace and with maximum comfort.

Download the app of Agricamper, explore the map of our facilities in Abruzzo, and plan your trip. With an Agricamper membership, Abruzzo and all its wonders are within reach of your motorhome. Venture into the mountains, explore the villages, and savor every bite of this extraordinary land.

Have a great trip!