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Discover Campania aboard motorhomes and caravans: 10 must-see experiences

Welcome travelers in RVs and caravans! Are you ready for an adventurous weekend in one of the jewels of Southern Italy? Campania awaits you with its breathtaking beauty, unique culture and authentic flavors. And the best thing? You can experience all this without worrying about overnight stops, thanks to Agricamper, which offers free stops at farms throughout the region. In this article, we will take you on a discovery of Campania, province by province, suggesting 10 must-do activities and places to visit.

Avellino: the green heart of Italy

Explore the Ferriere Valley in Montella

Avellino, a province characterized by hilly and mountainous landscapes, offers a wide range of activities for nature lovers. Stop in Montella and walk along the Valle delle Ferriere, a path surrounded by greenery that will take you through dense forests and hidden waterfalls.

Visit the archaeological area of ancient Abellinum

If you are a history buff, you cannot miss the archaeological area of ancient Abellinum in Atripalda. Discover ancient artifacts and immerse yourself in the history of this region.

Benevento: history and culture

Explore Benevento’s Roman theater.

Immerse yourself in Roman history by visiting Benevento’s Roman Theater, one of the best preserved in Italy. Admire the millennia-old architecture and imagine the performances that used to take place here.

Savor the caciocavallo podolico cheese

A trip to Campania would not be complete without tasting the local dishes. Caciocavallo podolico is a characteristic cheese of the province of Benevento, made from milk of cows exclusively of the Podolica breed.

Caserta: the Royal Palace and Gardens

Visit the Royal Palace of Caserta

Caserta is famous for the majestic Reggia, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Explore the incredible royal apartments, admire the frescoes, and take a stroll through the vast Italianate gardens.

Discover Lancellotti Castle

Lancellotti Castle, located in Lauro, is an ancient castle of Longobard-Norman origin, among the most beautiful in the province. Opened to the public a few years ago, it is now a major cultural attraction.

Naples: culture and taste

Explore the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

In Naples, visit the National Archaeological Museum, which displays Pompeian artifacts and a rich collection of ancient art. A true immersion in history.

Taste the real Neapolitan pizza

Naples is the home of pizza, and you absolutely must enjoy a true Neapolitan pizza, declared by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity, with soft and thin dough but high edges. Stop by one of the famous pizzerias that spring up in every corner of the province; your taste buds will thank you.

Salerno: beaches and coastal landscapes

Relax on the beach in Maiori

Salerno is famous for its beaches and crystal clear sea. Maiori is one of the coastal gems where you can lie in the sun, swim and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

Discover Salerno Cathedral

Visit Salerno Cathedral, an outstanding example of medieval architecture. Admire the sacred art and enjoy the panoramic view from the tower.

Easy parking with Agricamper

Each province in Campania offers a wide range of activities and places to discover. But before you set out on this unforgettable journey, remember to download the Agricamper app to easily locate agricultural facilities where you can stay for free overnight. With Agricamper, you have the freedom to explore Campania at your leisure, without worrying about safe overnight stops.


Campania is a region rich in culture, history, natural beauty and authentic flavors. Download the Agricamper app and start your weekend in Campania today! You will find all the information about free stops at farms and agritourisms, making your trip even more enjoyable. Plan your motorhome or caravan weekend and set off on a boundless adventure. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Campania in total freedom, follow our itinerary and discover all that this extraordinary region has to offer. Enjoy your trip and have a good time!