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Die Basilikata im Wohnmobil entdecken: Abenteuer auf der Straße

Dear campervan and caravan travelers, have you ever considered Basilicata as your next on-the-road destination? Nestled in the heart of Southern Italy, this region offers breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and natural paths just waiting to be explored. With Agricamper, you can dive into this adventure and enjoy free 24-hour stops at our partner farms. Ready to set off? Download our app and try out the free Demo version to discover all the stop points and features available.

History and Culture: Among Rocks and Ancient Cities

Basilicata is a region where the past visibly intertwines with the present, offering a dive into history that fascinates and inspires. The story of this land starts with its archaeological sites and evolves through the ages, narrated by the stones of its ancient cities.

Undoubtedly, one of Basilicata’s jewels is Matera, known for its Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. These ancient districts, made up of dwellings carved out of limestone, offer a unique architectural spectacle.

Equally significant is the Castle of Melfi, a fortress that played a crucial role in the medieval history of Southern Italy. Built by the Normans in the 11th century, this castle hosted councils and significant meetings, including the famous Council of Melfi initiated by Pope Nicholas II. The castle now houses a museum displaying artifacts that narrate the events of Norman, Swabian, and Byzantine peoples, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the historical dynamics that shaped the region.

Continuing the journey through Basilicata, Venosa captures the attention of visitors with its Roman ruins, including the unfinished abbey and the tombs of Horace, the famous Latin poet born here. The city is a living example of the region’s historical stratification, with relics testifying to its role during the Roman era and later under Norman rule.

Natural Adventures: Trails and Parks

Basilicata, with its varied topography, offers fertile ground for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Between imposing mountains, national parks, and natural reserves, the region is a paradise for hikers, birdwatchers, and anyone wishing to connect with pristine nature.

The green heart of Basilicata is the Pollino National Park, which also extends into the neighboring region of Calabria. This park offers a diversity of landscapes from peaks over 2,000 meters high, such as Monte Pollino and Serra Dolcedorme, to vast forests of Bosnian pines, a rare species that has become the symbol of the park.

Another natural jewel of Basilicata are the Lakes of Monticchio, located at the foot of Mount Vulture, an ancient extinct volcano. These two lakes, Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo, are distinguished by their tranquil and crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush chestnut and beech forests.

In addition to hiking trails and ecological walks, Basilicata invites visitors to experience a wide range of outdoor activities such as river rafting, particularly in the Murgia Materana Park, or horseback riding along mountain trails offering a different perspective on the Lucanian landscape.

The Coastal Gems: Beaches and Seaside Locations

Basilicata, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the south, boasts some of the most picturesque and less crowded beaches in southern Italy. These coasts, characterized by crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views, are perfect for those seeking a break from daily bustle.

Maratea, known as the „Pearl of the Tyrrhenian,“ is the gem of the Tyrrhenian coast of Lucania. Its beaches range from small hidden coves among the rocks to long stretches of fine sand. The Black Beach, so named for its unique dark volcanic sand, is one of the most fascinating.

Moving towards the Ionian Sea, Metaponto is another must-visit location for sea lovers. Known also for its important archaeological site, Metaponto offers long sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers, lapped by turquoise waters.

The beaches of Basilicata are ideal for those seeking relaxation but also for those who wish to have fun. During the summer months, many beach resorts organize activities such as beach volleyball, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. At sunset, the beaches transform into picturesque meeting spots where you can enjoy aperitifs with sea views and live music, fully immersing yourself in the holiday atmosphere.

Lucanian Cuisine: Authentic Flavors

Basilicata, a region still little touched by mass tourism, harbors a rich and genuine culinary tradition that reflects the variety of its landscape, from mountains to sea.

One of the emblematic dishes is pasta alla Lucana, known locally as „lagane e ceci,“ which combines homemade pasta with chickpeas in a sauce enriched with local chili pepper, perfectly representing the fusion of simplicity and flavor. Equally representative are the peperoni cruschi, dried peppers fried until crispy, used to flavor numerous dishes or consumed as a tasty snack.

Lucanian desserts, like the ‘nzuddhe, spiced cookies typical of the Christmas period, show the influence of spices brought through historical trade routes. Dried figs, often filled with almonds and dipped in chocolate, are another staple of local pastry, offering a perfect finish to a hearty meal or a delightful afternoon snack.


Traveling in Basilicata with a camper is an experience that allows you to live the region in all its dimensions. Do not forget to download our app and purchase the Agricamper annual membership to better plan your stops and discover the best farms where to spend the night.

What are you waiting for? Basilicata awaits you to give you unique and unforgettable emotions. Start exploring this amazing land!